Copper's 'The Devil You Know' CD is Now Available on

The Devil You Know, the second album from Copper is available now on

Peter Obermark's pop/roots rock band Copper, co-produced by Matt Hueneman of Cattle Dog Productions and multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Chris Arduser, The Devil You Know features 10 original songs written by Obermark.

"My goal is to write melodic songs that are fun to listen to, but also deal with serious underlying themes," says Obermark. "My music is grounded in my life and experiences as a father and a husband, a Marine, a paramedic and a teacher."

Album musicians Matt Hueneman, Chris Arduser, Brian Lovely, George Cunningham, Kelly McCracken, Krystal Peterson, Don Aren, Charlie Fletcher, Bob Nyswonger and Hallie Menkaus join Obermark on The Devil You Know album.

Launch of Back Story: Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain!

Today we'd like to announce the launch of the new book:

Back Story: Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain

This book project has been a true labor of love, because there is a lot to love about being pain free. Back Story is the author's personal health journey in seeking an end to decades of chronic back pain, and other discomforts including sciatica. Sherri Obermark believed that she was suffering from some sort of musculoskeletal disease, which over time left her feeling hopeless; until she discovered the mind-body connection cure that brought an end to the muscle tension, and ceaseless pain.


To all those who suffer from chronic neck, back or shoulder pain, she hopes for a quick return to health, and a joyous, peaceful life in the future...